The balcony is rather narrow, just under four metres wide and about 80 centimetres deep. The measurements limit the amount of furniture I can fit on it but on the other hand it provides ample space for plants along the solid balcony wall and on the ledge of the window that opens up onto it.

It’s in a west-southwest direction and receives, at the height of summer, approximately six hours of relentless afternoon sunshine before the sun dips behind the opposite building. On the IMG_1475fourth floor, it’s also quite exposed to wind but partly sheltered from rain by the balcony above.

When I moved in, it was rather stark and grubby, with the typical grey concrete floor.  ImageNothing a lick of paint and a trip to good old Ikea

couldn’t rectify though. The wooden decking tiles will probably not last forever, but they look nice and feel lovely (and splinter-free) underfoot when checking the weather in the mornings.

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