An assortment of kitchen herbs is a must of course. It’s nice to have fresh herbs readily available for cooking, or nip a few leaves off to crumble between the fingers and sniff. The window ledge is a good location since it gets a lot of sun which most herbs prefer, and I can easily harvest what I need through the window.

Kitchen Herbs

I found a couple of picket fence-style window boxes that I customised by drilling some drainage holes. In one of them, I planted sage, rosemary and thyme (no, no parsley). A corner shop near my work has a good selection of relatively robust herbs every spring, so I picked some up from there. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze in the box, but so far they seem to be doing well. They are all perennial herbs that enjoy the same growing conditions (full sun, well-drained soil) and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to move them inside come winter.

In the other box, on the left, I transplanted my chives, grown from seed last year, and sowed some of the German favourite Feldsalat or lamb’s lettuce, also known by its French name mâche. It can be grown almost all year round, as long as it’s protected from frost, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep this box going until late autumn.

In separate pots, there are wild rocket seedlings and a bushy variety of dill just visible – both sown at the beginning of April.  I’m going to place some of my pelargoniums among the herb planters, since they’re supposed to make good companion plants for warding off leafhoppers.