IMG_1681I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in high spirits, because I thought there was a hint of spring in the colour of the sky and in the chubby buds on the pruned branches’ new growth. Sadly, winter keeps its hold with recurring snowfalls and temperatures around freezing. It looks like it will continue this way until at least the end of the month. Disheartening, but perhaps for the best; German weather wisdom says: “March should come like a wolf  and leave like a lamb”.

spring bulbs

At least there are dwarf daffodil bulbs and crocus corms sprouting in my window boxes. I’m hoping the frost will spare their tips. The giant snowdrops in another planter are proving a lot lazier than the courageous common snowdrop, with only the tiniest specks of  green yet visible above the surface of the soil.

Still, I have ordered seeds and got some supplies in for pre-sowing. My only concern is what amount of light I will be able to offer the seedlings. I intend to start with a few flowering plants: laurentia, gypsophila and hyacinth bean. The cat is on board, as usual.

stanley & the seeds