tomato plantsMost of the tomato seedlings saw out the darkest Berlin winter on record but understandably became a little leggy. The majority are Sweet Million cherry tomatoes but there are also a few of an indeterminate determinate variety.  I intend to keep one of each, and find good homes for the rest of them. Perhaps take a few down to the Tempelhof allotments?  I’ve made my first self-watering container from two 20-litre mortar buckets and I have plenty of time to make another one before it’s time to plant out. At the top of the photo, peeking out, is my hyacinth bean. The rest of the seedlings from the first sowing are still tiny.

clematis in new pot

My clematis is of the type that flowers on both old and new wood. When I ventured out on the balcony to survey it a couple of weeks ago it already had quite a few buds, so I pruned it back a little. I’ve also realised that it was verging on clematis abuse to keep it in such a small pot – I’ve now given it a new and decidedly roomier home.  In order to have the “cool feet and head in the sun” clematis are supposed to like, it’s back behind the wicker armchair  in the north corner of the balcony, where it seemed to thrive last year.

As for the pelargoniums, three plants of four survived winter wrapped up on the balcony. The fourth one either dried out or was a bit too exposed at the edge of the hibernation station. Still, I think the experiment went well. Meanwhile, the cuttings I took as a safety measure in autumn have established themselves so – all in all – it looks like I won’t have to smuggle any from Sweden this year.

waking up

blossom    cuttings