stanley2013The warm weather continues and the balcony is practically exploding. Lots of fun for the cat. Over in the green corner, the tomatoes are getting unruly. I’ve had to cut a few branches that blocked the way but there’s plenty of growing crop. They’re thirsty and demanding balcony plants though; the mini tumbler variety is clearly the way to go (hidden from view here by the now gigantic chili plant).

greenPerhaps I’ve been overfeeding – the monster dahlia stands 140cm tall in one sock. For a while I was worried it wouldn’t flower but there are now several buds, two of which are already opening. Looks like it’s the Kalinka.

The blackeyed susans continue to climb. One vine has grown along the floor, behind the tomato pots and under the shelf, to climb up again with admirable determination towards the light on the other end of the balcony. Other shoots are staying closer to the mother plant. I like how the sun colours the shadows in this photo:

watercolour A brand new ladybird, hasn’t earned its spots..spotless

pelargoniumThe pelargoniums and white painted table give this part of the balcony a bit of a Swedish summer feel, but there’s a bustling street corner three floors below with Turks drinking coffee and Balkans drinking beer.

IMG_1962 Pretty English lavender, my favourite.