IMG_2002I ought to be showing a flowering finale and harvest here but the blooms above are only what I deadheaded before my vacation – to save Hassan three floors below having to sweep the pavement in front of his beer café every morning. While I was away, the heatwave in Berlin continued and this time most of the balcony withered.

These pelargoiums survived with minimum terracotta cone irrigation, as did the ivy and the chili plant, but that’s more or less it.  On the bright side there will certainly be a lot less to clear out come autumn!survivorsI took the opportuntiy to collect some seeds instead, from last year’s parsley and this year’s hyacinth bean – the latter with pretty monochrome pulses from deep purple pods:IMG_2006And after two years with two-metre tomatoes I have decided to settle for the compact cherry variety that I received as a seedling from my sister. The seeds are currently fermenting in a jar; if all goes well they will result in a similarly thriving, yet manageable, plant next year.