spring bulbsWell, that’s what I’m hoping for at least – perhaps I shouldn’t get too carried away with the alliteration just yet. The bulbs have only been in the pots for a week or so, and I suspect it will be a bit of a challenge to keep the soil at a reasonably even temperature over winter. I’m also not sure how much water they will require – if any – after the first soak.

Anyway, there are potential snowdrops in the rectangular container and daffodils in the “long tom” pot. In the big one, I’ve planted late flowering frilly, pale pink tulips with the suitably romantic name Angelique. I also found some tiny crocus corms in a forgotten planter from last year, so I’ve mixed them in among the bulbs. If nothing else, maybe I’ll see a few striped leaves.

In the fridge, I’m forcing various hyacinth bulbs, now just showing roots.

hyacinth bulbsI wrote an entry on how to force hyacinths last year.