deck tiles autumnBack when Google was still generous with the search terms, I saw a lot of traffic coming to the blog via queries about wooden decking tiles – particularly the ones from Ikea, Platta, that I’ve mentioned here – Are they any good? How long do they last?  Etc.

So I thought it more or less my duty to report that after three years – so far, so good. They see quite a lot of traffic themselves; I’m constantly dragging pots back and forth, but they’ve held up ok. A little scuffed now perhaps, but no cracks or warps. There you go.

The first winter they stayed put. Last year I oiled and stacked them away and I’m doing that again this year. Debris collects underneath over summer: a surprising amount of compost, dried flower petals (I’m looking at you, pelargoniums) and the ubiquitous cat hairs. It’s a nice seasonal ritual to sweep up and scrub the floor and wash and oil the tiles. Even better is the way the balcony transforms when I lay them out again after the snow has melted in spring.

tiles_after(Before and after)