daredevil graffitiBare branches, show’s over – now for the dull task of clearing up. I left it another month this year, seems about right. It will be time for spruce and fairy lights in a fortnight.

Some plants will be stored on the balcony over winter, making use of the shelter and relative warmth along the wall. Once again, I’ve crammed most of my pelargoniums into insulated boxes on the wire shelf – or the hibernation station, as I like to call it.

The tops of the stems are bedded in garden fleece and the shelf then wrapped in felt and bubble wrap. If temperatures get really low I pile newspapers on top.

The ivies and bulbs are stored in double pots and hessian sacks, as is the clematis which I’ve pruned back to the middle ages.

IMG_2271I’ve also dug up the dahlia corms. They will now travel to Sweden to spend winter in a cellar. Not quite Gstaad, but fairly high maintenance.