IMG_2430Since most of the pelargoniums died in winter storage, I’m changing the colour scheme from pink and red to blue and orange this year. The blue lobelias are supposed to be a trailing variety, but the plants were rootbound and haven’t established yet. Might have been a mistake to squeeze them in with the verbenas in the balcony boxes too, we’ll see.

IMG_2403IMG_2425The clematis has only presented one spring flower this year – but it’s a big one – the rest of its energy has gone into growing new vines after the winter pruning. It should flower again in July.

Climber sowings – hyacinth bean and ipomoea. Freshly stained decking tiles, oh yes.IMG_2409IMG_2413The clematis has few natural enemies… The chinese lantern died down above ground in winter, then produced a neat little row of rhizomes in March:

IMG_2365 I found a new home for them, they look after themselves:

IMG_2434Nice to see die Polizei in keeping with the colour scheme.IMG_2406