November morningSummer, that is. I spent a lot of time on the balcony this year, but forgot to post. Of course, like everything else, it’s about the journey; the blog is a way to pass the time when growth is slow and anticipation high.

For now, a look back:

NasturtiumClematis “The President"The blue and orange colour scheme worked ok, but truth be told I missed the pink and red.

In August, they had already crept back onto the balcony…

Physalis and roseIt only takes a couple of trips away for the vegetation to get a bit out of control and unquenchably thirsty, but despite some neglect the chilis and tomatoes did well.

Late summer sunset


When the annuals in the balcony boxes were spent, I had some space for pelargonium cuttings that had overwintered in a northeast facing window. If anyone ever doubted the importance of sunlight, these pictures are taken two months apart:

Balcony wildlife – steampunk fly and stickleback spider: