IMG_2864Not much happening here. The weather hasn’t been co-operating – occasional hail, snow and gales makes the balcony an inhospitable place. I have a few seedlings on the go, above a dwarf cherry tomato from the 2013 seed harvest. There are signs of life and regeneration, but I should probably replace this second-year parsley with a new sowing, and the hellebores have already moved to the kitchen window ledge, to be spared the intensifying sun.

IMG_2853          IMG_2841My herbs seem to have been tended by gnomes this winter.

The Swedish pelargoniums definitely didn’t go dormant in the stairwell, but they’re looking healthy. Here are some before and after pictures:

The physalis is colonising every inch of the container this year, but I’ve read that it tolerates poor soil well so I’m just going to leave it alone:IMG_2868We interrupt this programming for some snow – der April macht was er will.IMG_2862 The clematis is back in its usual corner and growing steadily. I’m counting seven silvery buds for the early flowering this year.