IMG_2873It was time to try my hand at rose gardening, even though I know they’re not the most suitable balcony plants. I got caught up looking at disease resistance and pretty colours and ended up buying exactly the kind of sturdy climber they particularly advise against for container growing – as well as the more suitable, bushy Cubana (above left). They were delivered on straw to the Späti on the corner.

IMG_2884Here they are in place. I think the containers are slightly more generous than they appear in comparison with the cat, but you can see the climber is already in a bit of tight spot for its size. ‘It won’t last long’ crow the grow guides, which is annoying because part of the reason for growing roses was to make the balcony a bit more perennial.

IMG_2886This is the spot. Once they’ve grown 15cm or so, they’ll have six hours of sun on a sunny day and I’m hoping there’s enough air circulation on the corner to avoid powdery mildew. The balcony wall will warm up but should still shade the roots all day.

(Again, cat appears larger than pots – it’s the angle).