IMG_2906The plan is to get a small vegetable crop from the balcony each year and so far I’ve successfully grown radishes, sugar snap peas, rocket and tomatoes. This summer, I’m attempting some purple common beans with the pleasingly Wagneresque name Blauhilde (captured here last week, when they were just peeping up from their coir pots).

Below is the set-up – I’ve placed the bean plants directly in a bag of compost for a number of reasons: a) the drain pipe is the only real climbing structure on the balcony at the moment, but b) I’ve already weaved the ivy around it, and c) there’s a concrete plinth at the bottom of the pipe so you can’t fit a pot right in front of it and finally d) I’m getting potting fatigue at this point in the season.

IMG_2916Spring lamb’s lettuce, gambolling in the sunshine…

IMG_2907I only sowed two tomato seeds this year, but luckily they both germinated and now live in the mini greenhouse, awaiting intermediate potting-up.