IMG_3083The balcony has survived a spell of heat, thunderstorms and rain. Blauhilde, the purple runner bean, is now about three metres tall with weather damage on the leaves – or at least that’s what I think it is as it’s supposed to be mosaic virus-resistant. It might not be getting enough water either in its 20L compost bag, though I try my best to keep it saturated. But underneath the crispy foliage there are pretty purple stalks and flowers and, as you can see, it’s already setting pods.

The dwarf tomatoes are producing fruit too, particularly the small plant, whose 10-inch pot allows it to sit on the window ledge in full sun. It will be time to collect and ferment seeds again this year.

IMG_3080Apart from the kitchen herbs, curly leaf and lamb’s lettuce are the only other edibles on the balcony this summer – the salad yield is hardly worth the effort, but the container and mini greenhouse were empty.