IMG_3238It’s the time of year when the balcony goes terracotta, green and grey. Having postponed it at length, I finally got round to the yearly winter preparations, with some help clearing the annuals and then setting about wrapping up the roses, clematis and other hibernators, as well as cutting down a few pelargoniums and bringing them inside.

IMG_3239A certain Swedish furniture store had cute little Christmas trees for sale in threes. The last calyces from the physalis will soon blow away, of course, but I couldn’t resist adding a few.

IMG_3236Experience has taught me that supermarket bulbs are hit and miss. I’m also late in getting them in the soil, but – before I covered them up – here is the repurposed tomato container, now with a combination of tulips, hyacinths and whatever I harvested from the pots this summer sprinkled on top.

Who knows when I’ll have the time or the inclination to step out on the balcony again, so it was a case of seizing the moment and getting out the spruce and electric lights. And then, just as I was putting the finishing touches to the hellebores, the first snow started to fall.