20160128_010Clouds of bougainvillea in La Hoya, Tenerife.

As mentioned, the balcony goes into its dull grey, green and terracotta phase late in autumn and won’t really come out of it until early summer. I had to go elsewhere for some flowers and colours to perk up the blog.

20160201_013Sunny yellow hibiscus at a bus stop in La Laguna.

20160128_018Lots of purple very prickly pears (opuntia) lined the hiking path through the valley of El Roque de Jama.

Ah, palm trees – so romantic to us northern Europeans. I also liked how the street sweepers use the palm fronds as brooms.

20160201_016Carpets of nasturtium and morning glory (ipomoea) cover the outskirts of towns in northern Tenerife. These are only a few discreet examples, but have managed to position themselves decoratively against the weather-beaten door.