IMG_3288Spring has been a long time coming and the balcony an inhospitable place, so until this weekend I’ve been indoor gardening. Most flowers end up in the bedroom window because the radiator is hardly ever on here. The cat grass is to stop the cat accidentally poisoning himself.

IMG_3273This was the sorry state of the post-winter balcony, and that’s after I’d removed acres of bubble wrap and burlap, the plastic spruce garland and the fairy lights. I felt I had to give up the ivy plants on the left after almost four years, but I’ll try to keep them alive in the courtyard.

This, and other acts of balcony gentrification, freed up space for the climbing rose to move into its new location, so I can avoid laceration.


IMG_3294Ok, we’re getting a structure.

I said if the roses survived the winter I’d buy some more, so below is the Duchess Cristiana. She looks a bit guillotined right now, but the plan is for her to produce scented pom poms in white and pale pink.IMG_3284

IMG_3278I also crammed three of the distinctly more peasant-like Lupo roses into an 80cm balcony box, to provide the bright colour this year and attract some bumble bees. It’s a bit tight, but there’s actually 12 litres of rose compost in there. The coconut fibre is just to keep the compost mounds in place until we see some leafage.

Meanwhile, the hellebore is still doing its thing.