IMG_358240°C – in the shade. Afternoon temperatures can get a bit brutal on the balcony. A newly-watered container dries up surprisingly quickly. For this reason, I mainly put pelargonium and lavender along the balcony railing, but the little single rose Lupo is also doing quite well there.

The sun only hits the clematis late in the day, but scorched several leaves off it during a heatwave. The flowers were drooping badly but recovered (it’s just a shame the camera never does their vibrant blue colour justice).


IMG_3626The tomatoes on the balcony window ledge get sufficient sun and also some shelter from wind. After battling with two-meter plants in my first attempt, I’ve happily settled for an unknown dwarf cherry variety that I got from my sister in Sweden three years ago.

IMG_3628It’s compact, the foliage is healthy and it sets fruit easily. I’m growing three plants this year, hoping to have some for tomato sauce for the freezer. Thank you to vice gardener Phil for saving the seedlings during the mould incident when I was off travelling.

IMG_3627A few late-sown mangetout plants are crowding a tall pot on the  floor of the balcony. They won’t have enjoyed the heat either, but there will be more than a handful pods and they’re delicious; it’s some old Duchy Originals from years ago that I wasn’t even sure would sprout, hence the somewhat careless planting.