Since I took the “feet up” approach to gardening, most of the action is happening elsewhere: blossom on trees, tulips and forsythia. The balcony is stuck in its eight-months-a-year colour range of green to maroon.

Although I do take proprietary pleasure in the new rose leaves, the photos tend to get a bit samey.

Sometimes ridiculously so – remember the sprouted bulbs, accidentally kept in room temperature all winter, that I planted at the end of February in the hope that they might flower anyway?

 Yes, what happened to them?

Not a lot.

So I’m going to plant them in the courtyard and hopefully surprise the neighbours with a small, blue guerilla border next year instead.

On the other hand, I usually worry that my geraniums are a bit too warm in the stairwell over winter, but now I’ve read that they don’t really need harsh treatment or to go dormant.

Since they don’t look too lanky or unhealthy, I’m going to stick with this new advice. What they do need, I’ve noticed, is gradual exposure to the sun – or their leaves go bloody maroon too.